Welcome to BC Women’s Centre for Reproductive Health patients

It is with sadness we learned that the BC Women’s Centre for Reproductive Health closed in May 2012. In the 1970s and 1980s this centre was a leading fertility research and clinical care centre. They were the first to achieve an IVFbaby in Canada and were recognized locally and abroad as a centre where cutting-edge fertility treatments were offered. Many of the Genesis physicians, nurses and staff are proud to have been trained at this UBC program.

In recent times things have changed and BC Women’s has chosen to focus it’s activities on other areas of women’s health needs.

BC Women’s is facilitating patient’s transition to a new IVF program. This can be stressful but at Genesis we want to help. BC Women’s patients will be at various stages in their care: just getting started with testing, planning an insemination, awaiting surgery, hoping to start an IVF cycle, planing to use their frozen embryos and such. We will see you soon (within 2-3 weeks) and can arrange for you to start /resume your treatment as quickly as possible.

To get started:

1. Get your medical records from the BC Women’s Program. Please use this form (or click on link below) and send to BC Women’s. They will then fax your records to us within a few days.

Consent for Release of Information to Genesis Fertility Centre form

2. Call Genesis at 604.879.3032 and tell us you are a BC Women’s Program patient.

We want to help you in your fertility journey. Do not hesitate to call (604.879.3032) or email us today

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