There’s an app for that

The Apple App store has 3 apps to help a woman predict when she is fertile. A woman is fertile around the time of ovulation. These apps and the numerous websites that also offer to help determine your fertile time (e.g. fertile friend, are based on these principles:

1. most women have a period about once per month
2. there are two parts to a menstrual cycle: the first part which runs from the start of bleeding until ovulation (follicular phase) and the second part which runs from ovulation until bleeding starts again (luteal phase).
3. 90% of women have a luteal phase of 14 days.
4. the follicular phase can vary
5. We count the first day of bleeding as menstrual cycle day 1

So, if someone has a menstrual cycle that is 30 days (i.e. they have a period every 30 days) then 30-14 = 16. They will likely ovulate on cycle day 16. If someone has a menstrual cycle that is 26 days then 26-14 = 12. They will likely ovulate on cycle day 12.

Big box

I am not sure the rules around internet postings and corporate rights so I’ll be indirect. Today I was at a large membership-based big box store in downtown Vancouver. I was buying the usual 12 packs of things I don’t need. I walked past the pregnancy tests. The store was selling a four pack of pregnancy tests for about $19. I had to take a second look as I thought surely it must be 40, and not four, for that price. No, it was for four. This is very, very expensive. They are available for far less money on-line.

Now, everyone knows someone who will tell you that the cheap urine pregnancy tests didn’t work, or that no urine pregnancy tests (cheap or expensive) worked to detect their pregnancies but for MOST people MOST of the time the less expensive urine pregnancy tests you can buy on-line will be accurate.

I am not trying to undercut store-front merchants but simply trying to put downward pressure on their prices. When I was buying pregnancy tests I bought them from a Canadian-owned, online retailer. I paid about $1 per test. A quick google tonight confirms that there are several such Canadian retailers charging around that same price today.

Full disclosure: I am not pregnant, I do not need pregnancy test strips for personal use and have no plans to be pregnant again.

I am posting this as a public service announcement: please do not spend big dollars on brand name pregnancy test strips as the less expensive test strips almost always work just as well.

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Get your pap smear

If you are like many people, you do not have a GP. It’s an unsettling place to be as you worry that no one you know is going to take care of you if you get sick and no one is monitoring your health. Fortunately, most young women really don’t need to see a GP regularly, except for their pap smear. How do you get a pap smear without a GP?

The BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) has come to the rescue. The BCCA has a campaign going from October 22-28 where clinics will be set up around the province just to do pap smears.

So, if you need a pap smear you can just going to a clinic. To find a clinic participating in this campaign, called the LACE Campaign go

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