At Genesis, we believe all those seeking to begin or grow their families should have the opportunity to do so.

We understand the cost is an important consideration during this time and our finance team is happy to review options with you. Your doctor at Genesis will provide information about the best success rates for your particular circumstances and your most affordable treatment options.

The BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers most aspects of fertility testing and surgery. MSP does not cover the cost of fertility treatment.

To get advice on your personal situation, please telephone us at 604-879-3032 or email admin@genesis-fertility.com.


Cycle fees for IVF OR Egg Freezing (fertility preservation): All fees listed in CAD. Prices subject to change.
Medications requirement varies for each cycle : Please book your consultation visit to determine what your medication needs are.
Book a visit: Click here.
Basic IVF cycle fee $ 7,250
Includes : orientation, monitoring, eggs retrieval, blastocyst, assisted hatching, fresh embryo transfer
Egg Freezing cycle fee $ 7,500
Includes: orientation, monitoring, eggs retrieval, egg vitrification, and 1 year storage fee of frozen eggs
Additional fees (if applicable):
ICSI – intracytoplasmic sperm injection $ 1,500
Embryo vitrification (1st year storage fee at no charge) $ 750
Thawing, fertilisation, and embryo transfer $ 3,500
Specialized genetic testing :
Biopsy fee (including shipping fee to testing lab) $ 2,150
CCS testing fee ($1100 for first embryo, $400 for each additional embryo) $1100/$400
PGD testing fee Varies
Click here for descriptions of CCS and PGD tests
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle (includes monitoring, thawing and transfer of embryo(s)) $ 1,500
Donor Egg and/ or Surrogacy
Screening fee of egg donor or surrogate $ 275
Consult with physician for egg donor or surrogate $ 400
Cycle monitoring and/or coordination for egg donor or surrogate $ 1,500
Using extracted sperm $ 300
Non Canadian resident fee- $1000 for IVF or egg freezing and $100 for FET cycle: $1,000/100
Other fees :
Superovulation cycle fee (includes orientation, monitoring, and insemination) $ 1,100
IUI (IntraUterine Insemination) $ 500
DI (donor insemination) $ 500
Monitoring for IUI or DI : bloodwork for each cycle is $250, each ultrasound is $150
Handling fee of frozen embryos, sperms, or donor sperms
Receiving (ie. from external facility into Genesis) $ 250
Releasing (ie. transfer out to another facility) $ 500
Andrology services :
Semen profile $ 100
Semen profile with Anti Sperm Antibodies $ 250
Sperm freezing (includes 1st year storage fee) $ 450
Sperm trial wash $ 250
Sperm freezing with Antegrade (includes 1st year storage fee) $ 500
Sperm freezing with Retrograde (includes 1st year storage fee) $ 550
Extracted sperm (through TESE/PESA) processing fee (includes 1st year storage fee) $ 950
IVF cycle monitoring with another fertility clinic
1st cycle set up $ 500
Subsequent cycle set up $ 250
Bloodwork (each) $ 100
Ultrasound (each) $ 150
Injection supplies $ 25



Here are some answers to common questions to help you with the financial aspect of your treatment.

Is my fertility treatment income tax deductible?

The cost of most fertility treatments and medications qualifies as a medical expense under section 118.2 of the Income Tax Act. This means that costs relating to your fertility treatment may be claimed as a medical expense credit on your income tax return. Please be sure to save all your Genesis Fertility Centre receipts for income tax time.

The Finance Minister announced in Mar 2017 that the government is expanding access to a tax credit for Canadians who turned to reproductive technologies. This means that anyone who has incurred expenses over the past 10 years for reproductive technologies such as IVF can refile their taxes for that year and claim the expense. Please contact your tax professional for additional information.

How can I pay for my fertility treatment?

At Genesis we accept cash, debit card, Visa, Mastercard, certified cheque or bank draft. Other options include paying through a bank loan or line of credit, using a financing company, or using a health trust if you are an incorporated or self-employed business owner.

A Private Health Services Plan is as an alternative to financing and is available to business owners through The John Robinson Group Inc and Trusted Advisor. Click here to learn more.

How do I arrange financing?

Genesis does not offer financing directly, but there are specialized financing companies who offer financing for medical procedures. Interest rates are usually less than normal credit card rates. If you are interested in finding out more about financing options, please refer to the links below:

Health Smart Financial Apply NowMedicard iFinance Logo

Business Owners: With a Private Health Services Plan you can fully tax-deduct fertility treatments and start your journey to conceiving sooner.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows business owners to deduct 100% of qualified fertility treatment costs through a Private Health Services Plan. The John Robinson Group Inc and Trusted Advisor specializes in assisting patients in meeting their financial goals. Please visit trustedadvisor.ca for a list of approved expenses and an online application.

From Our Patients

We arrived at your centre on the first day feeling anxious and unsure. We were met with such warmth and kindness. Our experience was so positive and we knew we made the right decision. We want to complement you on the way you treated us, how you supported us, and what you’ve done for us. Our words cannot describe this life changing encounter, we hope that many others will get to experience this privilege.

Marius & Vionet Welgemoed