Baby Hudson conceived at Genesis Fertility Centre

Metro News: Fertility treatment offers hope for B.C. couple that delayed starting family

Two years ago, Rob Furlan and his partner Kim McNulty decided to delay starting a family so they could travel. Little did they know, McNulty, then 34, already had fertility problems that would later make it much more difficult to conceive. Find out how Genesis Fertility Centre helped them achieve their dream of becoming parents.

Embryo Freezing vs Egg Freezing

The Huffington Post: Embryo Freezing vs. Egg Freezing: What You Need To Know

The recent news that actress Sofia Vergara is facing a lawsuit from her ex-fiancé over the fate of their frozen embryos is shining a light on the embryo freezing process. Dr. Kashyap explores some of the complications surrounding embryo freezing in comparison to egg freezing over on The Huffington Post


The Huffington Post – Mitochondrial DNA 101: What You Need to Know

Dr Sonya Kasyap of Genesis Fertility shares insight into recent developments with mitochondrial DNA


In a historic vote on February 3, 2015, the UK became the first country to allow a new, modified IVF technique called mitochondrial DNA transfer, which uses DNA from three people–two women and one man–to create a baby.

Our very own Dr Kashyap breaks down the medical terminology surrounding this new process and explains what it  may mean for the future of Artificial Reproductive Technology here.

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