Single mothers are formed in many different ways. Over one million Canadian children live with just one parent either by divorce, death, or because their parent chose to parent alone. While some “single parents by choice” are single men, most are women.

More and more women are finding themselves either unable or uninterested in finding a partner with whom to raise a child. Single mothers by choice obtain a child by adoption or by donor sperm insemination. At Genesis we help women conceive with donor sperm insemination. Most women chose anonymous donor sperm purchased from a sperm bank. If you wish to use a known sperm donor we can also help, however the sperm must be quarantined for 6 months at a Health Canada sperm clinic in Toronto. Speak with your Genesis physician to guide you through this process.

Getting started…


Preparing for donor sperm insemination itself is straightforward.

There are four steps:

1. Initial consultation with a Genesis physician
2. Fertility evaluation
3. Donor sperm orientation with Leslie Rogodzinski
4. A counseling session
5. Donor sperm purchase (if using anonymous donor sperm)

Then you will be ready to get started with monthly inseminations with donor sperm.

Initial consultation
At the initial consultation your Genesis physician will review your medical history and recommend a fertility evaluation. Once you’ve decided to embark on donor sperm insemination you become emotionally, medically and financially invested. We believe it’s best to know that you have a reasonably good chance to conceive before embarking on donor sperm insemination so we’ll recommend a thorough fertility evaluation.

The standard fertility testing is a blood test and an x-ray called a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). These can be arranged by your Genesis physician at your initial consultation or prior to this visit by one of our secretaries.

Counseling Session

Health Canada requests that all people who plan to use donor sperm have a session with a psychologist. In this session you will discuss the emotional aspects of using donor sperm, the timing and significance of disclosing the process to your child and other issues.

Once these steps have been completed, vials of sperm are purchased and shipped to Genesis. We store the sperm until the time of ovulation when it is thawed and inseminated into the woman on the day of ovulation.

For more information on donor insemination, see the Donor Insemination page.


A BC-based support group for single mothers, called “Single Mothers By Choice,” can be reached at:

A Vancouver-based Yahoo discussion group can be accessed here.

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