Eeva™ is an additional technique to noninvasively aid embryo selection. Eeva™ supplements traditional morphology assessment. A time-lapse video is created of the embryos as they grow in the incubator with observations made every 5 minutes.  This video is interpreted by an intelligent computerized algorithm which is based on a Stanford University patent where the “normal development” of thousands of embryos was modeled. This algorithm is the key advantage of Eeva™.  Eeva™ allows us to know if the embryo reached its developmental milestones as expected or if its journey was deviated from the expected journey.  Both paths may lead to morphologically normal embryos but the former may be more likely to succeed.

Eeva™ is the only time-lapse embryo system which is FDA approved as a diagnostic device and which has been shown to improve embryo selection and prediction of blastocyst development and implantation rates.

Genesis Fertility Centre was chosen as the first Canadian site to host Eeva™ and has the first pregnancy and delivery from Eeva™.