Fertility Food Friday: Citrus Mint Infused Water

By Krista A. Parr, R.H.N.

We all know how important it is to keep hydrated, especially in hot weather. But if you don’t love the taste of plain water, fruit and herb-infused water is a refreshing and beautiful option.

Use whatever fruit or herbs you have on hand, such as peach-lemon balm, raspberry-mint, or rhubarb-lavender. Adequate water is needed not only to feel hydrated, but to carry nutrients throughout the body and to carry waste products & toxins out of the body. What’s more, every chemical reaction in your body requires water! Cheers!



2 organic oranges, chopped into triangles

Extra-large handful fresh mint leaves, washed well, left on the stalk

Pinch of good quality sea salt (an essential electrolyte, lost though sweat)



Place all ingredients into a large pitcher (or mason jar) and mash gently with a spatula to release flavours.

Fill with filtered water.

Allow pitcher to sit in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours for the flavour to infuse the water.

When ready to drink, pour the liquid through a fine mesh sieve to remove bits of fruit and herbs.

Once all the water is gone, you can refill the jar 1-2 more times, until all of the flavour is removed from the fruit and herbs.


Krista A. Parr is a Vancouver Registered Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Root to Fruit Nutrition, specializing in fertility. She is passionate about guiding women onto a nourishing, supportive diet. www.RootToFruitNutrition.ca