Donor sperm is sperm from a male who is not an intended father.  The sperm is used through intrauterine insemination or IVF for the purpose of pregnancy.  The donor may be known or anonymous but must undergo rigorous screening in accordance with Health Canada guidelines.


  1. Heterosexual couples who have untreatable azoospermia (no sperm)
  2. Heterosexual couples who are not interested in IVF but  where the male partner has a genetic disease they prefer not to transmit
  3. Single women
  4. Same sex female couple

Genesis Fertility Centre can receive your donor sperm after a consultation, investigations and mandatory counseling appointment have been completed and the sperm must be shipped in accordance to the below policy.

  • A known sperm donor must be screened with the same methods as an anonymous sperm donor.  Legal contracts should be acquired since the role of the known sperm donor in the child’s life may later be questioned. The donor must be screened by ReproMed in Toronto in accordance with Canadian Guidelines and the sperm quarantined for 6-9 months prior to release for use.

It is not legal to pay/compensate a known sperm donor.

  • Anonymous / known donor sperm may legally be purchased through sperm banks which are Canadian compliant. Genesis Fertility Centre only receives Canadian compliant sperm from the following distributors:

Sperm can be chosen that is known or unknown donor identity and may have whatever characteristics (e.g. ethnicity, education, religion etc) are important to the intended parent(s).

Donor unit can be ordered from Canadian distributors listed below:

Can-Am Cryoservices
Phone: 1-888-245-3471

Outreach Health Services
Phone:  1-866-785-4709

ReproMed-The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Phone: 1-877-317-6079 ext. 2