Meet Us Monday: Marisol De Leon

My name is Marisol and I am one of the nurses at the Genesis Fertility Clinic. I recently joined the Genesis family and feel fortunate to be given this opportunity to join an innovative team. All members of the team are very accommodating and supportive. We are all working as a team to achieve the goal of providing efficient high quality care to each patient using compassion and warmth.

I have been a nurse for many years and have practiced in different countries. I have worked in a few interesting fields such as the Operating room, Emergency room, Plastic surgery, Industrial nursing and General Practice clinic nursing. Each field has given me the experience and skills that I carry when I joined the Fertility team of Genesis. I am looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and skills as a nurse as I embrace this new and interesting field.

Outside work I enjoy my free time with my partner and my little boy who is now three years old. The outdoors appeals to us and seeing nature at its best is what we love to do. And when the nature does not allow us to be outside we like watching a good movie or TV series. I particularly like costume drama shows.

I look forward to helping families in their fertility journey. The team has a great vision of providing a positive experience to every patient that comes to the Genesis clinic. I love being a part of that experience.