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“We are and will forever be deeply grateful for your amazing, life-changing expertise and care. Before we came to you, were experiencing one of the most uncertain, scary and sad times of our life. You gave us hope, honesty, straightforward information, advice, support and the most precious gift of all – our twins. Quite simply, our dreams have come true and we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to get us here!”
I was only 31 years old but my egg count was very low and I had endometriosis. I got pregnant during my first IVF treatment with only 3 eggs retrieved and now have a beautiful baby boy! I am thankful that Dr. Kashyap remained so positive throughout the process. The nurses and staff are very friendly and incredibly helpful. My husband and I always talk about Dr. Kashyap and how thankful we are to have chosen Genesis. You changed our lives. Thank you!
Megumi O.
“You’d better hurry up” is a heartbreaking statement to hear from your doctor when discussing having kids, especially for someone 37 years old and (gasp!) single, but I held on for hope that it wasn’t too late for me.  I was lucky enough to meet and eventually marry my husband a few years after that, so when we weren’t pregnant after a couple of years of trying, we decided to go to Genesis Fertility.  Because of Dr. Kashyap and her team at Genesis, at 44 my dream of becoming a mom came true.  It really IS possible
Heather P.
We are still amazed and so thrilled to have baby…….in our lives and are so very grateful to you, Dr. Kashyap, and the amazing staff at Genesis. I sincerely hope you are aware of the pure joy you create and that you get a lot of reward from this. A day does not pass that I don’t think of how wonderfully you have impacted us and how grateful we are as a result.
Kirsten and Edward
You have been so supportive throughout all of this and you continue to show so much love and compassion in making people’s dreams come true
Brock, Deanna and McKinley
Dr.  Kashyap, Thank you for making our dreams come true. Our little girl is a miracle and wouldn’t have been possible without your knowledge and care.
To Dr. Kashyap, the wonderful nurses, embryologists and staff at genesis, Thank you for all the care and support through our journey. Although we are completely sleep deprived, we couldn’t be happier! We will always be grateful to you for our beautiful son. Take care and all the best.
Dear Dr. Sonya Kashyap, Many thanks and deep gratitude for helping us bring our little daughter into our lives. You have made our dream of having a family come true.
Hello Dr. Kashyap, James and I are so happy to let you know about the birth of our little girl. We are so grateful to you and your team for making this possible. Please share our sincerest thank you with everyone!!
“Nature said no, but science said yes! A heartfelt thank you to all the staff at Genesis that helped Rod and I make our dream of having a baby come true. Hudson Max is thriving, healthy and we are absolutely over the moon. An extra special thank you to Sonya Kashyap - we will forever be grateful.”
Kim McNulty and Rodrigo Furlan
“Would absolutely recommend Genesis. All of the staff encountered were kind and helpful and the process was easy to follow. I really appreciated how everything was done one step at a time because there is a lot of information to take in.”
“ Dr. Kashyap and her team are outstanding. Regardless of the result we have felt very well looked after. The team is top class and really cares about the patients”
“Staff were very attentive and professional”