Fertility Food Friday: Babcia’s Beet Greens Soup

Fertility boosting recipe by Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver


Recipe by Krista A. Parr

My Polish Babcia (Grandma) passed this recipe down to my mom, who passed it down to me. I’ve always loved it in late summer, as days are getting shorter and cooler and beautiful bunches of beets are plentiful at the farmer’s markets and in the garden. It’s a light soup, making it appropriate for warmer days. Beets are high in boron, an important mineral for the production of sex hormones and, appropriately, in ancient Roman times beet juice was considered an aphrodisiac. Another important mineral for fertility and pregnancy is iron, which beets are bursting with. Keeping the liver in top working condition should be a priority for those trying to conceive, and beets stimulate the liver to eliminate toxins and excess hormones from the body as well as perform hundreds of other essential functions. Beet greens (the tops) are also incredibly nutritious, containing even more iron and calcium than the roots as well as very high levels of folic acid.

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