New Tang Dynasty: Success Stories for Beating Infertility

Did you miss Monday’s broadcast of Heather Pelz’s story on New Tang Dynasty (NTD TV)?

Heather has had a very special experience with infertility. At age 44, she wanted to conceive a child using her own eggs, an event that has less than one per cent chance of success (chances of conceiving at age 44 is deemed to be less than one to five per cent; the possibility of conceiving a baby with the mother’s own eggs at that age is even lower).

Heather gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Hunter just prior to her 45th birthday.

Chinese couple Mei Ling and Felix have also beaten the infertility odds. Mei Ling’s biological condition made her chances of conception to be around 10 per cent. With fertility treatment, she is now happily carrying her first child.

Click on the video below to find out more about their success stories in addition to how infertility is affecting first-generation immigrants. The Mandarin video clip starts at the 25:51 mark.

Vancouver Sun: Egg freezing a viable option for women who choose to have children later in life

The staff at our fertility clinic are avid supporters of individuals and couples having children when they think they are ready. As Canadian Infertility Awareness Week approaches at the end of May (24-31), there’s no better time than now to consult with your family doctor about options for maintaining and extending your fertility.

One option of extending your fertility is to have your eggs frozen.

Our medical director, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, wrote an opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun explaining why people should consider egg freezing as an option should they choose to have children later in life.

Dr. Sonya Kashyap, Medical Director, Genesis Fertility Centre

Vancouver Sun: Opinion: Egg freezing a viable option for women who chose to have children later in life.

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