Meet Us Monday: Rachel Li


Hello everyone,

The Chinese New Year is coming, and I wish you a Happy New Year and good health on behalf of the Genesis team.

I have noticed an increasing number of Chinese couples have visited our centre. During the interactions with them, I have deeply felt that the language barriers make their fertility journey even more difficult. I, as an accountant, do not have any medical background; however, I have gained more knowledge on fertility after being an interpreter for a few of these couples. I am so proud that we get to help people’s dream come true. It is a privilege to be a part of the Genesis team, who assist people in building families.

At Genesis we are committed to providing you with latest technology and independently verified success rates while at the same time creating an environment that is caring and sensitive. We aim to provide you with an experience this is incomparable and respects cultural values to make it as smooth a process as possible. We are grateful for all of the support from you.

Thank you.

Simplified Chinese


春节就要到了,我在这里代表Genesis的全体员工祝大家新年快乐, 身体健康。

我发现越来越多的中国朋友来到了我们的中心, 通过跟他们的接触和交谈,我深深地体会到语言上的障碍让他们的不孕不育的道路更加难行。 作为一个没有专业医疗知识的会计, 通过当客户的翻译, 自己对不孕不育也有了更深的认识和了解, 也深深地感受到我们工作的意义。我非常荣幸能成为Genesis大家庭的一员,在帮助他人组建家庭的过程中贡献一份力量。



Traditional Chinese



我發現越來越多的中國朋友來到我們中心, 通過跟他們的接觸和交談,我深深地體會到語言上的障礙讓他們不孕不育的路更加難行。作為一名沒有專業醫療知識的會計,通過當客戶的翻譯, 自己對不孕不育也有了更深的認識和了解, 也深深地感受到我們工作的意義。我非常榮幸成我Genesis大家庭的一員, 在幫助他人組建家庭的過程中貢獻一份力量。



Happy Chinese New Year from Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver

New Tang Dynasty: Success Stories for Beating Infertility

Did you miss Monday’s broadcast of Heather Pelz’s story on New Tang Dynasty (NTD TV)?

Heather has had a very special experience with infertility. At age 44, she wanted to conceive a child using her own eggs, an event that has less than one per cent chance of success (chances of conceiving at age 44 is deemed to be less than one to five per cent; the possibility of conceiving a baby with the mother’s own eggs at that age is even lower).

Heather gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Hunter just prior to her 45th birthday.

Chinese couple Mei Ling and Felix have also beaten the infertility odds. Mei Ling’s biological condition made her chances of conception to be around 10 per cent. With fertility treatment, she is now happily carrying her first child.

Click on the video below to find out more about their success stories in addition to how infertility is affecting first-generation immigrants. The Mandarin video clip starts at the 25:51 mark.

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