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Why use donor sperm?

Using donor sperm is an option for women who desire pregnancy. Women who are single or in a same-sex relationship have the opportunity to build a family through donor sperm insemination. Heterosexual couples where there is male factor infertility may opt for donor sperm insemination as an alternative to more “high tech” fertility treatment options such as IVF using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Use of donor sperm is also an option to avoid having offspring with a serious hereditary disease if the male partner is a genetic carrier.

Where do I start?

Once the decision has been made to use donor sperm as a fertility option, the best place to start is with your physician who will refer you to a reputable fertility centre. Many fertility centres also have a self referral process. In Canada, there are strict regulations against paying sperm donors. As a result, most donor sperm used in Canada originates from the United States as there are no regulations against importation of donor sperm. Fertility centres are able to order donor sperm selected by their patients from commercial sperm banks to be used in donor insemination.

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Meet Us Mondays: Susan Lockhart, PhD, MBA, BScN; Director of Clinical Operations

Dr. Susan Lockhart, director of clinical operations at Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver

Meet the latest addition to our team, Dr. Susan Lockhart. She joins us as our director of clinical operations.

As the newest member of the Genesis team, I thought it was time I share a little about myself. I came to Genesis after seven years of working at the Fraser Health Authority, most recently as the Director of Child and Youth for the region. Although the position was extremely interesting and rewarding, I was compelled to explore the possibility of becoming the Director of Clinical Operations at Genesis. Why was that, you might ask? The answer is quite simple. Prior to my position in Fraser Health, I was the Program Director at the UBC Centre for Reproductive Health. I absolutely loved working in this area of health care. I have never personally experienced the heartbreak of infertility; however, I walked alongside hundreds as they made the difficult journey towards their dream of having a child.

As a result, I learned about the physical, psychological, and emotional challenges faced during the experience of infertility. I also learned about the bravery and courage of those who faced these challenges. And then, when treatment was successful, the immense joy of pregnancy and birth of a child. It is these experiences that drew me to Genesis. Now that I am here and am working with this amazing team, I am even more ecstatic about my decision to come on board.

So who am I outside of work?  I am a wife, mom to two sons and a daughter and step-mom to three step-daughters. I am “Nana” to my granddaughter and “Nana Susie” to my three step-grandsons. I also volunteer for organizations that contribute to social change. I love the outdoors and together with my husband, run, hike, cycle, ski and kayak. I am an avid reader, enjoy local plays and concerts and am a consummate traveler.

I am very excited about my future at Genesis as I continue working with Dr. Kashyap and the team here. I look forward to meeting those who come to us with their dream of building a family and being part of their journey. 

Business in Vancouver: For the Record – Dr. Susan Lockhart

We’d like to officially welcome Dr. Susan Lockhart to the Genesis Fertility Centre team! Susan joins us as the clinic’s director of clinical operations.

Susan was formerly the Program Director of the UBC Centre for Reproductive Health. During her tenure at UBC, she was the recipient of the Creative Achievement in Reproductive Endocrinology award in recognition of her work in founding the Hope Fertility Fund.

Most recently, Susan worked as Program Director in the Maternal Infant Child Youth Program of the Fraser Health Authority (2007-2014). While working in the Fraser Health Authority, Susan completed her PhD in Public Policy and Administration with a Health Care Specialization. Susan was inducted to the national honour society, Pi Alpha Alpha for high achievement during her doctoral studies.

Check out Susan’s appointment story in today’s Business in Vancouver!

Genesis Fertility Centre - Business in Vancouver - For the Record - Susan Lockhart

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