Gay marriage

When Love Wins

On June 20, 2005, officially a decade ago, Canada enacted legislation that made same-sex marriage legal across the country. As a progressive nation that believes consenting adults have the right to love each other no matter their sexual orientation, and that their love deserves to be recognized in the eyes of the government, watching the U.S. officially declare same-sex marriage legal in all states last Friday, June 26, was a proud moment.

We’re not only proud of the brave people who fought to see this ruling come to be, but proud of our own country’s journey to improving LGBTQ rights.

Working in fertility medicine we at Genesis Fertility have seen numerous LGBTQ couples come to our clinic hoping to expand their family. These people are looking to take some of the love they have for each other and share it with another human being, the same reason why many heterosexual couples come to us.

We have also witnessed LGBTQ patients go on to become amazing, loving parents, just like our heterosexual patients.

Today there are a wide array of families in the world: man and woman with a child conceived naturally; man and women with a child conceived through IVF; or maybe man and man with a child conceived with an egg donor and surrogate; or simply a woman with a child conceived with a sperm donor.

At the end of the day, love is love, and the creation of family is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated.

Wellness Wednesday: Let’s talk about Dolce and Gabbana

Dr Sonya Kashyap comments on the Dolce and Gabbana IVF scandal

When I first saw the headline “Victoria Beckham supports Sir Elton John and ‘beautiful IVF babies after Dolce & Gabbana criticism,” I was surprised. As I went on to read the entire article, I was shocked. Children born through IVF or other forms of reproductive technology are not fake or “synthetic”—they are human beings, with thoughts and feelings and people who love them, just like any other child.

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Meet Us Mondays: Ashley Ruiz, Nursing Assistant

Meet Ashley Ruiz, a proud member of Genesis Fertility Centre's nursing assistants team

Meet Ashley Ruiz, a proud member of Genesis Fertility Centre’s nursing assistants team

Hi, my name is Ashley.  I am one of the nursing assistants here at Genesis Fertility Centre.  You may see me in various areas of the clinic but mostly in your morning scans.  Before I joined Genesis I worked in gynecology, oncology and palliative home care.  I had great affection for what I did but I was looking for something more for my career.  So when I found out Genesis was hiring I knew it would be exactly what I was looking for – regardless of how challenging it was going to be – since my journey to Genesis started even before nursing school.

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