Meet Us Monday: Raising Our Hands Against Racism

Here at Genesis Fertility Centre, not only do we see individuals and couples of all walks of life visit our clinic, but our own team is made up of an incredibly diverse collection of talented individuals. Whether it’s our Embryologist Larysa Fedarava from Belarus, or our RN Helen Ortojan from the Philippines, everyone here is dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream of one day starting a family. Where you’re from or the colour of your skin does not determine this passion, and we believe it’s important to recognize this.

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Vancouver’s Genesis Fertility Centre celebrates birth of first baby in Canada using the Eeva Test

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Vancouver, B.C. – September 24, 2014 – The first baby in Canada conceived with the assistance of the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva®) Test at Vancouver’s Genesis Fertility Centre was born this past August. Olivia, born to Darla Macey-Nicholson and Craig Nicholson, was conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the help of novel embryo development information provided by the Eeva®Test.

The Eeva® Test, which is exclusively distributed in Canada by EMD Serono, a division of EMD Inc., Canada, is a significant innovation for reproductive technology. The test is a tool which helps embryologists in assessing the embryo most likely to develop for implantation, ultimately aiding fertility experts achieve better outcomes for their patients. Developed by Auxogyn Inc., a company dedicated to advancing women’s reproductive health, the Eeva® Test is based on patented technology developed by StanfordUniversity researchers. This team of university researchers is world-renowned for pioneering techniques in time-lapse imaging of stem cells.

“We are honoured to have helped conceive the first Eeva® baby in Canada,” says Dr. Sonya Kashyap MD, medical director of Genesis Fertility Centre. “It demonstrates that Eeva can act as a tool to improve success rates of IVF in addition to increasing patients’ overall experience to achieve pregnancy. These are our two most important goals.”

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IVF Success Rates: What Do They Mean?

Our medical director, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, responses to the National Post article published on June 22, 2014: The fertility clinic guessing game: Canadians have no way to find out success rates of pricey IVF treatments.

IVF success rates: What do they mean?

IVF success rates: What do they mean? (Photo Credit:

In 2013, Genesis Fertility Centre became the first and only clinic in Canada to have independently verified success rates. Our success rates are some of the best in North America due to our attention to detail, dedication and consistency.  We also have introduced the newest and advanced technologies, such as egg and embryo vitrification; comprehensive chromosomal screening; and trophectoderm biopsy which are among the services we provide that can assist with increasing the chance of conception.

I believe we have a responsibility to make the process as transparent as possible for patients. This includes reporting success rates in terms of a denominator, be it cycle started or embryo transfer, and also in terms of differentiating between biochemical, clinical and live birth rates.  In addition, we see the importance of identifying separate categories for success rates per frozen embryo versus those which are screened for chromosomal abnormalities.

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