Embryo Freezing vs Egg Freezing

The Huffington Post: Embryo Freezing vs. Egg Freezing: What You Need To Know

The recent news that actress Sofia Vergara is facing a lawsuit from her ex-fiancé over the fate of their frozen embryos is shining a light on the embryo freezing process. Dr. Kashyap explores some of the complications surrounding embryo freezing in comparison to egg freezing over on The Huffington Post


Thrifty Mommas Tips: 3-Part Fertility Series

We were very fortunate to have Paula Schuck of Thrifty Mommas Tips join us at our November egg freezing informational event.

Paula had a chance to blog about the event, her newly acquired knowledge of egg freezing, as well as the inspirational stories of two of our wonderful patients: Anna Kashani and Heather Pelz.

Read about egg freezing as well as Anna and Heather below!

Part 1: Seven Facts About Egg Freezing

Thrifty Momma Tips, Paula Schuck, Egg Freezing, Genesis Fertility Centre, Fertility


Part 2: Egg Freezing – Anna’s Cancer Diagnosis and Fertility Preservation

Thrifty Mommas Tips: Egg Freezing, Anna Kashani, Genesis Fertility Centre, Fertility, Cancer, Preservation

Part 3: Egg Freezing – Heather and Hunter

Thrifty Mommas Tips, Paula Schuck, Egg Freezing, Heather Pelz, Genesis Fertility Centre, Fertility

Huffington Post: Egg Freezing Deserves Serious Consideration

Fertility health has been a popular topic recently as Apple and Facebook recently announced that they would be funding egg freezing for their female employees. This announcement was met with mixed reviews – some saw this as the tech companies’ way of giving women more choice around career and starting a family; others saw this as a misguided attempt to recruit and retain female employees.

In order to further understand the contentious fertility preservation method, our medical director Dr. Sonya Kashyap has penned an article on Huffington Post with facts and figures on egg freezing and how the medical procedure applies to Canadians.

Huffington Post: Egg Freezing Deserves Serious Consideration

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