Fertility Food Friday: Autumn Lentil Soup

Fertility boosting recipe by Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver

Recipe by Krista A. Parr

During autumn and winter I recommend making a big pot of soup once per week so that there’s always some nutritious comfort food readily available. It’s also a great way to use up whatever veggies in your fridge need eating up. Soup recipes like this one are very flexible, so feel free to be creative with the veggies and herbs you include. Having said that, there are 2 ingredients in this recipe that I’d like to highlight. Lentils are higher in protein than any other bean or legume (except soy, which is NOT a fertility-friendly food) while also being easier to digest and less ‘gas-producing.’ According to the Harvard Nurses Health Study, the largest study ever done on diet and fertility, women with the highest intake of plant-based protein are much less likely to have infertility. This doesn’t mean you need to follow a vegetarian diet, just eat plant proteins often.  Lentils also contain significant amounts of iron, zinc, magnesium, folate and other B vitamins. Because they are packed with cholesterol-lowering fiber and the ability to stabilize blood-sugar levels, lentils are a fabulous source of slow-burning fuel. Not to mention that all of theses benefits come with very little fat and few calories!

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