Meet Us Monday: Genesis Office Administration Team

Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver Admin Staff

Meet Genesis’s office administration team, Nicole Gilchrist, Maria Leonora “Knot” Martinez  and Gail Mawhinney (left to right in photo)!  Missing from the photo is Amy Bruchet.  These ladies are often the first voice you hear on the telephone and the first face you see when you arrive at our centre. Nicole and Knot come to us from across the world; Nicole from Australia and Knot from the Philippines.  Amy is “home grown” as is Gail.  Together they bring a wealth of experience that has greatly benefited Genesis patients.

And of course all have interests outside of work. Nicole is often busy exploring B.C.’s great outdoors. Knot is currently hitting the books in preparation for a major exam. Amy is actively involved in community work, most notably Ruben’s Shoes, a charity for overseas children. Gail is busy with her family including a new puppy who Gail has given a loving home.

And so, we salute you, the Genesis Office Administration Team for your warm smiles greeting patients, your kind voices on the telephone and your work in the community.

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