Marisol De Leon

Meet Us Monday: Marisol De Leon

My name is Marisol and I am one of the nurses at the Genesis Fertility Clinic. I recently joined the Genesis family and feel fortunate to be given this opportunity to join an innovative team. All members of the team are very accommodating and supportive. We are all working as a team to achieve the goal of providing efficient high quality care to each patient using compassion and warmth.

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Dasha A. Johnston, RN

Dasha A. Johnston, RN at Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver

Hi there, my name is Dasha and I am the newest nurse to join Genesis Fertility Centre. I graduated from University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010. Most of my past work experience has been primarily based in pediatrics. I worked in a pediatric post anesthetic care unit at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta from 2010-2012.

In 2012 I met my wonderful husband and made the transitions to the pediatric intensive care unit at the B.C. Children’s Hospital. I have a great passion for working with children and their families. Although my work in the PICU at times may have been emotionally difficult, it was extremely fulfilling.

I have decided to make the transition to Genesis Fertility Centre in April 2014. I am now privileged to be working at Genesis with such a great team of professionals dedicated to couples who are ready to embark on their journey into parenthood.

In my spare time, I love to explore the outdoors by either hiking, biking or kayaking with my husband and my two dogs. However, I have recently suffered a biking accident during which I badly broke my arm and severed my ulnar nerve (so no more biking for me!). I am currently in the process of recovery.

Meet Us Monday: Patricia Friesen, Nursing Assistant

Patricia Friesen, nursing assistant at Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver


My name is Patty and I have been working at Genesis for over 5 years. I am originally from Chile, but have lived in Canada for over 30 years.

My nursing background has been mainly Critical Care at Vancouver General Hospital, before moving on to work as a Nurse Administrator at a rural hospital on Vancouver Island.  After taking time off to stay home with my daughters and living in Tokyo for 3 years, we moved back to Steveston.  My experience of helping my Mom with her dialysis and her palliative care prompted me to get back to nursing.

I have embraced the challenge of working in such an exciting field such as Fertility Medicine. It gives me such joy when I get to talk on a personal level to new Moms and Dads who are so grateful their dream of a family has come true. I feel so proud to belong to a team so dedicated to helping create families.

When I’m not working here I like going to Zumba classes, walking our dog at the Steveston boardwalk and travelling when time permits!

Meet Us Mondays: Melissa Keen, RN

Meet Us Mondays: Melissa Keen, RN


Meet Us Mondays: Melissa Keen, RN at Genesis Fertility Centre

Meet Us Mondays: Melissa Keen, RN

My name is Melissa Keen and I’m a registered nurse at Genesis Fertility Centre and the owner of, a personal account of my fight against thyroid cancer. Although working at Genesis Fertility Centre has grounded me professionally, blogging was my avenue for getting through one of the most challenging and difficult times in my life.

My Personal Struggle with Cancer

The idea of blogging publicly was something that I never imagined doing. In April of 2013, as a mother to 21 month old Marcus, wife of Jeff, daughter, sister and registered nurse, I found myself having to go through my third fight against papillary thyroid cancer and in the hospital for yet another round of cancer treatment.  In the days prior to my hospital admission, I decided to start blogging as a means to help me heal during my journey and fight against the beast that is cancer. Having fought thyroid cancer twice before, I was determined that this time would not be any different. However, slowly I began to realize that this time, truly was, different – I now have a family of my own to worry about. I constantly have fears and worries about finances, putting meals on the table, keeping a household clean and functioning. I am also a wife, friend and mom while going through treatments. That said, I am eternally thankful to my healthy network of family and friends for being my strength throughout these difficult times.

How I Can Relate with Patients

Having worked at a neonatal ICU at one of Vancouver’s busiest hospitals, I bring the knowledge and experience from my previous post to my current nursing position at Genesis Fertility Centre.  Although I’ve learned medical expertise from my past employment, it was my personal experience that truly showed me the vulnerability and world of uncertainty that patients go through when they experience personal struggles such as infertility. As such, I will strive my very best to not only provide quality and safe care, but to also relate, listen and support my patients through their journeys.


We at Genesis Fertility Centre are honoured to have a cancer survivor among our staff. Melissa’s tenacity and courage in battling thyroid cancer is something we treasure everyday.  Her positive attitude in the face of such a difficult journey is best showcased in her blog post, “Why Cancer? Why Me?

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