Vancouver Sun: Chromosomal screening boosts chances that IVF will succeed

Did you know that Genesis Fertility Centre offers genetic screening services (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis [PGD] and comprehensive chromosomal screening [CCS])?

Vancouver Sun‘s Erin Ellis had a chance to speak with one of our patients, Christa LeFlufy, about her experiences with genetic screening. We are very happy to be part of Christa’s fertility journey.

Learn more about Christa’s story and chromosomal screening in the story below.

Dr. Sonya Kashyap speaks with Christa LeFlufy about chromosomal screening at Vancouver's Genesis Fertility Centre

Dr. Sonya Kashyap speaks with Christa LeFlufy about chromosomal screening at Vancouver’s Genesis Fertility Centre

Meet Us Mondays: Shay Arejola, RN and PGD Nurse Coordinator

Hi I’m Shay. I am one of the Registered Nurses and the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Nurse Coordinator at Genesis Fertility Centre.

A career in nursing wasn’t always something I imagined doing. It worked out well for me since I found out that my real passion was in helping people, although I wasn’t always sure in what capacity I should contribute to society. Growing up, I was constantly exposed to the business world so it was only natural for me to assume that a career in business was my destiny. I started down that road with marketing and sales and later on aspired to be a financial planner to help people achieve their financial goals. Needless to say, I never got there.

After vacationing to Hawaii one year, that career path didn’t feel right. There must’ve been something in the Mai Tai’s they serve you in Hawaii, but when I came back to work that year, I had a whole new perspective. All of a sudden, I needed something more fulfilling and more altruistic. Whether due to the Mai Tai’s or something else, I’m forever grateful as it was at that time, right after my trip, that I decided to do a sudden 180 and begin my journey into nursing. It was the best decision I had made thus far.

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Motherly Wisdom

 Motherly Wisdom - An Ode to Mothers on Mother's Day

My mother invested her life in ensuring my three sisters and I achieved our dreams and goals.  She always said, “You can achieve anything! The world is your oyster as long as you work hard and treat people with respect.”

Her wisdom always stuck with me growing up. I started medical school when I was 19, my residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology when I was 23 and then a master’s in epidemiology followed by a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at ages 28 and 29.

I knew I wanted to make a big contribution with my life.  When it was time to do my fellowship, the clinic which was considered to be at the forefront of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in North America, Cornell University Medical College in Manhattan, was where I had to be. I wanted to contribute to the ever growing body of knowledge and make a huge impact by helping women and couples build their families. I would have gone to Timbuktu if it was the best place to train, but lucky for me, the clinic was in Manhattan.

I chose my career path because I love the fact that science and technology evolved at a mind bending pace and that kept me challenged intellectually.  I also loved that it involved intellect and procedural skill. My patients were extremely motivated and depended on me to make a difference in the destiny of their family. With the advancements in pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), we could wipe a lethal gene from their family line and it was those aspects which kept me motivated and inspired to keep doing more.

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