Meet Us Mondays: Lori Williams, RN, Nurse Manager & In-Charge of Sperm Retrieval Program


Lori Williams, RN, Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver

Lori Williams, RN, Genesis Fertility Centre

The Genesis family has many touching and compelling stories to tell, but Lori Williams, a registered nurse, nurse manager and in-charge of the Sperm Retrieval Program at our clinic, has a special and personal one to share. Her struggles with her husband’s cancer is one that parallels many of our patients.

Lori’s personal experiences and strength translates into her dedication to help patients at our clinic. We hope that you will find her path to Genesis an inspirational tale.


Hi! My name is Lori and I work as a Registered Nurse at the Genesis Fertility Centre.  Prior to working at Genesis, I worked for more than ten years at Vancouver General Hospital – first as a vascular/general surgery nurse then as a critical care nurse in the Post Anesthetic Care Unit.

I love my job and I truly believe it has helped shape me into the person I am now.  It is one of the few careers that give you intimate access to extraordinary stories of others’ personal lives. I have met World War II heroes, inventors, survivors of unimaginable circumstances as well as star-crossed lovers.

My career has also exposed me to the varying limits of human capacity and has taught me that regardless of age, race or status, no one is exempt from life’s curve balls.

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Meet Us Mondays: Shay Arejola, RN and PGD Nurse Coordinator

Hi I’m Shay. I am one of the Registered Nurses and the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Nurse Coordinator at Genesis Fertility Centre.

A career in nursing wasn’t always something I imagined doing. It worked out well for me since I found out that my real passion was in helping people, although I wasn’t always sure in what capacity I should contribute to society. Growing up, I was constantly exposed to the business world so it was only natural for me to assume that a career in business was my destiny. I started down that road with marketing and sales and later on aspired to be a financial planner to help people achieve their financial goals. Needless to say, I never got there.

After vacationing to Hawaii one year, that career path didn’t feel right. There must’ve been something in the Mai Tai’s they serve you in Hawaii, but when I came back to work that year, I had a whole new perspective. All of a sudden, I needed something more fulfilling and more altruistic. Whether due to the Mai Tai’s or something else, I’m forever grateful as it was at that time, right after my trip, that I decided to do a sudden 180 and begin my journey into nursing. It was the best decision I had made thus far.

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Meet Us Mondays: Deborah Fergusson, RN and Out of Town Patient Program Coordinator


Deborah Fergusson, RN, Genesis Fertility Centre

Deborah Fergusson, RN, Genesis Fertility Centre

Hi, I’m Deborah and I’m one of the registered nurses here at Genesis. In addition to my other responsibilities, I help coordinate the Out-of-Town Patient Program.

I guess you could say I’ve lived my life in many chapters, from backpacking through Europe and tree planting in the north (where I met my husband), to raising our four children in East Vancouver and starting an award winning health care gaming studio, each an amazing adventure in its own right. I received my BSN from UBC in 1992, and outside of work you might find me skiing, running a half marathon, traveling, dancing, or playing chauffeur for my kids.

My current adventure has me building on a 12-year nursing career, which has given me the opportunity to work with thousands of families bringing children into the world (as a labour and delivery nurse). This path led me to Genesis and I couldn’t be happier that it did. It’s a real pleasure to work in an innovative environment committed to excellence, alongside such a compassionate and dedicated team of professionals. I love my work: the chance to be part of something so meaningful in the lives of our patients is both an honour and a privilege for which I am grateful.

Meet Us Mondays: Melissa Keen, RN

Meet Us Mondays: Melissa Keen, RN


Meet Us Mondays: Melissa Keen, RN at Genesis Fertility Centre

Meet Us Mondays: Melissa Keen, RN

My name is Melissa Keen and I’m a registered nurse at Genesis Fertility Centre and the owner of, a personal account of my fight against thyroid cancer. Although working at Genesis Fertility Centre has grounded me professionally, blogging was my avenue for getting through one of the most challenging and difficult times in my life.

My Personal Struggle with Cancer

The idea of blogging publicly was something that I never imagined doing. In April of 2013, as a mother to 21 month old Marcus, wife of Jeff, daughter, sister and registered nurse, I found myself having to go through my third fight against papillary thyroid cancer and in the hospital for yet another round of cancer treatment.  In the days prior to my hospital admission, I decided to start blogging as a means to help me heal during my journey and fight against the beast that is cancer. Having fought thyroid cancer twice before, I was determined that this time would not be any different. However, slowly I began to realize that this time, truly was, different – I now have a family of my own to worry about. I constantly have fears and worries about finances, putting meals on the table, keeping a household clean and functioning. I am also a wife, friend and mom while going through treatments. That said, I am eternally thankful to my healthy network of family and friends for being my strength throughout these difficult times.

How I Can Relate with Patients

Having worked at a neonatal ICU at one of Vancouver’s busiest hospitals, I bring the knowledge and experience from my previous post to my current nursing position at Genesis Fertility Centre.  Although I’ve learned medical expertise from my past employment, it was my personal experience that truly showed me the vulnerability and world of uncertainty that patients go through when they experience personal struggles such as infertility. As such, I will strive my very best to not only provide quality and safe care, but to also relate, listen and support my patients through their journeys.


We at Genesis Fertility Centre are honoured to have a cancer survivor among our staff. Melissa’s tenacity and courage in battling thyroid cancer is something we treasure everyday.  Her positive attitude in the face of such a difficult journey is best showcased in her blog post, “Why Cancer? Why Me?

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