Wellness Wednesday: Breath and Balance

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Photo credit: Pat Young for Lululemon

By Karen Weggler of the Movement Studio

Balance is our true nature. We are comprised of 50 trillion cells all living together in the complex, cooperative community of our body; and that body inherently has the capacity to be balanced. Yet it often doesn’t feel that way in the day to day, busyness of life.

Breath is a fabulous way to connect to your body, your centre, and the balance that is our true nature.  We take approximately 26,000 breaths a day.  We breathe in, we breathe out.  Sounds simple, yet many of us don’t breathe well, having adopted less than optimal strategies due to stress or poor postural habits which affect our body and mind in a plethora of ways.  We need to reconnect with breath to allow it to become the friend it once was – one that we can take comfort in and go to for support both emotionally and physically.

Becoming connected to the breath asks that we become inquisitive and bring a quality of attention to it that is investigative and curious.  When we experience something differently – really feel and experience it in our bodies rather than just thinking it – we begin to change habits and develop new patterns that might better serve us.  Because the way we breathe, or don’t breathe, is integrally linked to our bodies neurologically, cellular and chemically, attending to it connects us with these systems in a healthier, more meaningful way.

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