1. Success rates and Accountability

It’s hard enough to make an informed decision about which fertility clinic is the best fit for you and your needs without having to wonder if a stated clinic’s success rates are accurate. Genesis Fertility Center has become the first Canadian clinic to voluntarily undergo independent verification of success rates by a recognized leader in IVF standards and patient advocacy. You shouldn’t have to wonder.

With a success rate much higher than the national average in both Canada and the US, success matters most to everyone at the new Genesis.

If it is at all possible for you to conceive we, at Genesis Fertility Centre, will find a way to turn your hope into a new family.

IVF Reports



2. World class international team and latest technologies

At Genesis Fertility Center we believe in education, experience and technology. Our team has helped thousands of families all over the world and has now assembled in Vancouver to offer you that expertise.

Dr. Sonya Kashyap, our medical director, did her fellowship training in New York city at Cornell University Medical College, one of the world premiere IVF clinics, under the mentorship of Dr. Zev Rosenwaks.  She learned from the pioneers how to get the best results in even the most difficult cases.  She then was a clinician scientist in Ottawa and San Francisco at University of California at San Francisco before moving to Vancouver.

Assisted reproductive technology requires expertise in current and future methods. Application of these methods in a systematic, evidence based fashion after a quality assurance process provides the best outcomes for our patients.


3. Compassionate and Individualized care

From the receptionist to the doctor who does your transfer, everyone at Genesis is dedicated to your success. Our administration, finance, embryology and medical staff are here to ensure you not only have the best experience possible during this journey but the highest chance for success.

Every person is different, every body is different. We offer an individualized treatment plan tailored to your unique situation using a team review approach. Whether you are new to fertility treatments or have had treatment before or elsewhere, our team will assess your personal history from start to finish to give you the best possible chance at starting your family.


4. Cultural diversity and Sensitivity

Our team comes from all diverse backgrounds, as do you. We understand that differences in ethinicity, culture, relationship status, sexual orientation and language affect how we might perceive and want to engage in fertility treatments and build our families. Our team speaks no fewer than 15 languages. Whatever your background and wherever you are from- Genesis Fertility Center welcomes you and wants to help you build your family.