As a leader in the fertility industry, Genesis often appears in the media to raise awareness of infertility challenges and the advancements of fertility treatments.

Known for her extensive experience and contributions to the industry, Dr Sonya Kashyap is regularly featured by top media outlets. Listen to interviews and read a selection of her articles below.



May 20, 2020: Dr. Kashyap discusses fertility clinics beginning phased reopening as COVID-19 fears fade on The Globe and Mail.








April 24, 2018: Dr. Kashyap discusses the misconceptions surrounding infertility and ways to overcome on CFAX.







April 23, 2018: Infertility 101: What You Need to Know.  Dr. Kashyap talks infertility with CTV‘s Keri Adams.






April 23, 2018: SING TAO explores the subject of infertility with the help of Dr. Kashyap.






April 19, 2018: Dr. Kashyap weighs in on egg freezing in the April issue of FASHION.







April 22, 2018: Raising Awareness of Fertility Diseases on the Jill Bennett Show







April 17, 2018: Dr. Kashyap talks fertility with Kamloops’ Jim Harrison Show.




March 29, 2018: In Flare, Thirtysomething Bachelor Alums—Like Kaitlyn and Andi—Are Freezing Their Eggs. Should You? Dr. Kashyap weighs in.





March 21, 2018: Dr. Kashyap talks the Year of the Woman  with VitaDaily – What Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Fertility





March 17, 2018:  OMNI-TV speaks with Dr. Kashyap and patient Doreen Kumar about her experience with infertility (note: Punjabi language)





March 12, 2018: Dr. Kashyap joins the hosts of ParentTalk to discuss IVF, when to seek medical advice, how to select a clinic, and the costs associated.  Listen to the podcast here.





November 7, 2017: I’ve Been Pregnant Before, Why Is It So Hard This Time?





November, 2017: Dr. Sonya Kashyap was invited to speak at Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon when she spoke about the Fertility Gender Gap and how fertility preservation can help to close that gap.





October 2017: In Canada, an estimated one in six couples face infertility, and it’s not just because people are waiting longer. Dr. Sonya Kashyap speaks with FLARE about the other reasons for infertility aside from age.





June 2017: Dr. Kashyap writes about the different kinds of surrogacy and today’s modern fertility struggles-Huffington Post





May 2017: Dr. Kashyap explains why ”Family planning“should include egg freezing-Huffington Post






May 2017: Dr. Kashyap describes the “Fertility Gender Gap” and how to close it-Huffington Post





May 2017: Read about the importance of starting the conversation about egg freezing-DARPAN






Today's Parent Logo

Feb 2017:Can you boost your fertility?

Today’s Parent speaks with fertility specialists to get the answers.






Georgia Straight LogoMay 2016: One in six Canadian couples experience fertility problems – The Georgia Straight. Canadian Infertility Awareness Week aims to shed light on modern medical options.


May 2016: Are fertility issues for Asian/Chinese Canadians different than Caucasian Canadians? Dr. Sonya Kashyap speaks with Chinese Globe Express. Click image to read article.


Shelby and Tyler Kennedy

May 2016:Kamloops couple turns to fertility treatment to make parenting dreams come true-Kamloop BC Now

Photo Credit: Shelby Kennedy




May 2016: Kamloops couple conceives  they say in vitro works – CFJC Today

Photo Credit: CFJC Today




Genesis Fertility Interview with The Province

Jan 2016: Should there be help for people with infertility? -The Province Newspaper



Dec 2015: Ming Pao  Infertility Awareness.

Dr. Kashyap spoke with Ming Pao Vancouver about infertility in the Chinese community and treatment options.
*Correction: Please note that our Medical Office Assistant Agnes Cheung is mistakenly identified as Dr. Wendy in the article.





Genesis Fertility Centre Interview Sing Tao Daily


May 2015: Infertility Awareness Week. Dr. Kashyap spoke with Harrison Ha from Sing Tao Vancouver about infertility in the Chinese community and treatment options.




The Link Newspaper Interview Genesis Fertility Centre

May 2015: Infertility Can Be Painful And Frustrating But Your Struggle Is Not Alone -The Link Newspaper



Hudson in Metro News - Genesis Fertility Centre Vancouver

May 2015: Fertility treatment offers hope for B.C. couple that delayed starting family -Metro News.

Two years ago, Rob Furlan and his partner Kim McNulty decided to delay starting a family so they could travel. Little did they know, McNulty, then 34, already had fertility problems that would later make it much more difficult to conceive. Find out how Genesis Fertility Centre helped them achieve their dream of becoming parents.


24 Hours Vancouver- No shame in infertility - Genesis

May 2015: No shame in infertility – 24 Hours Vancouver.

While some mothers may not know they’re pregnant and give birth on an airplane flight, other families aren‘t as lucky, with one in six Canadians struggling with fertility. 24 Hours Vancouver speaks to Dr. Sonya Kashyap on what people should know about fertility and fertility treatments.



The Huffington Post: Embryo Freezing vs. Egg Freezing

Apr 2015: Embryo Freezing vs. Egg Freezing: What You Need To Know – The Huffington Post.

The recent news that actress Sofia Vergara is facing a lawsuit from her ex-fianc over the fate of their frozen embryos is shining a light on the embryo freezing process. Dr. Kashyap explores some of the complications surrounding embryo freezing in comparison to egg freezing over on The Huffington Post


Ming Pao - Egg Freezing - Sonya Kashyap

Mar 2015: Egg Freezing – Ming Pao Vancouver.

For our Chinese patients, Dr. Sonya Kashyap sat down with Ming Pao to discuss egg freezing.





The Huffington Post Mitochondrial DNA 101- IVF - Genesis Fertility Centre

Feb 2015: Mitochondrial DNA 101: What You Need to Know – The Huffington Post.

In a historic vote on February 3, 2015, the UK became the first country to allow a new, modified IVF technique called mitochondrial DNA transfer, which uses DNA from three people two women and one man to create a baby. Dr Kashyap breaks down the medical terminology surrounding this new process and explains what it may mean for the future of Artificial Reproductive Technology here.


News 1130 Surrogacy Laws - Genesis Fertility Centre

Jan 2015: What are the rules surrounding surrogacy in Canada? – News 1130

It can be a last resort for couples struggling to conceive. But what are the rules surrounding surrogacy in Canada, and why might a couple look somewhere else for someone to carry their baby?





Canadian Living Buying Time - Genesis Fertility Clinic Vancouver

Jan 2015: Buying Time – Canadian Living (page 42)

Dr. Kashyap speaks with Canadian Living Magazine to discuss the rise in popularity of egg freezing and what this technology means for female fertility preservation.


Dr. Sonya Kashyap speaks with Christa LeFlufy about chromosomal screening at Vancouver's Genesis Fertility CentreDec 2014: Chromosomal screening boosts chances that IVF will succeed– Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun’s Erin Ellis spoke with one of our patients, Christa LeFlufy, about her experiences with genetic screening.




Huffington Post: Egg Freezing Deserves Serious Consideration

Oct 2014: Egg Freezing Deserves Serious Consideration– Huffington Post

When Apple and Facebook announced that they would be funding egg freezing for their female employees, the announcement was met with mixed reviews. Some saw this as the tech companies way of giving women more choice around career and starting a family; others saw this as a misguided attempt to recruit and retain female employees. In order to further understand the contentious fertility preservation method, Dr. Sonya Kashyap has penned an article on Huffington Post with facts and figures on egg freezing and how the medical procedure applies to Canadians.



Oct 2014: Would You Donate Your Eggs to a Couple Who Couldn’t Conceive?– Huffington Post Canada

Our medical director, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, had a chance to respond to Randi D’s “I Donated My Eggs So I Could Travel the World” blog post as published on Huffington Post. In her article, she delves into the following:

  • Why egg donation?
  • Could you expect your experience with egg donation to be the same as Randi’s?
  • The difference between egg donations in Canada and the U.S. and which system is better

To read her blog in full, please click here. (Photo Credit:Panayiotis Filippou via photopin cc)


Darla Macey-Nicholson with Olivia, the first child in Canada to be conceived with the help of the Eeva Test.

Sep 2014: Sing Tao newspaper reported the birth of Olivia, the first child in Canada to be conceived with the help of the Early Embryo Viability Assesment (Eeva) Test. Olivia’s mother, 40 year-old Darla Macey-Nicholson, is ecstatic about the latest addition to her family.







News1130: First baby born in Canada using �Eeva� technology

Sep 2014: First baby born in Canada using Eeva technology. News1130

News1130‘s Alison Bailey spoke with our medical director, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, on the use of the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) Test to help conceive Olivia, the first child in Canada born with the help of the reproductive technology.


Darla Macey-Nicholson holds daughter Olivia, the first Canadian to be conceived with the help of Eeva time-lapse in vitro technology.

Sep 2014: Meet Canada’s first Eeva baby -24 Hours

Darla Macey-Nicholson, mother of Olivia – the first child conceived with the help of the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) Test, had a chance to sit down with 24 Hours’ Jane Deacon and to explain why the groundbreaking reproductive technology is so important to her.

Read about Darla’s story and why Dr. Sonya Kashyap believes the Eeva Test may be a great asset to those who are experiencing infertility.


The Globe and Mail

Jul 2014: The Calgary Herald‘s Jessica Barrett penned “No ‘rainbow families’: Ethnic donor stipulation at fertility centre ‘floors’ local woman” over the weekend. As a result, there have been lots of discussion and media coverage with regards Calgary fertility clinic Regional Fertility Program’s policy which restricts patients from using sperm, eggs or embryos from donors who do not match their ethnic background.

Our medical director, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, was interviewed by the Globe and Mail to discuss this subject. To view the article, please click here or the image below.

Dr. Kashyap also penned a blog post, “Genesis Fertility Centre: An advocate for creating families, regardless of ethnicity“,in response to the controversial policy.


May 2014: Vancouver Sun Opinion: Egg freezing a viable option for women who choose to have children later in life

The staff at our fertility clinic are avid supporters of individuals and couples having children when they think they are ready. As Canadian Infertility Awareness Week approaches at the end of May (24-31), there’s no better time than now to consult with your family doctor about options for maintaining and extending your fertility.

One option of extending your fertility is to have your eggs frozen.

Our medical director, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, wrote an opinion piece in the Vancouver Sunexplaining why people should consider egg freezing as an option should they choose to have children later in life.


Dr. Sonya Kashyap, our medical director, talks to Daily Parents about the pros and cons of having children at a later stage in life. (Photo Credit: ThinkStock.com/Daily Parent)
Dr. Sonya Kashyap, our medical director, talks to Daily Parents about the pros and cons of having children at a later stage in life. (Photo Credit: ThinkStock.com/Daily Parent)

Apr 2014: Daily Parent: When is the Right Time to Have Kids?

Daily Parent‘s Gina Roberts-Grey had a chance to talk to our medical director about the pros and cons of waiting to have a baby. Read about Dr. Sonya Kashyap’s advice as well as those from other medical professionals in the article, “When is the Right Time to Have Kids?


Drishti Magazine - Eeva


Apr 2014: Drishti Magazine – Eeva

We’ve been featured in “Canada’s Premiere South Asian Lifestyle Magazine”!

Drishti Magazine had a chance to interview our medical director,Dr. Sonya Kashyap, about the use of Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva), the first use of the assisted reproductive technology in Canada.







Darla Macey-Nicholson (L) is the first person in Canada to have conceived using Eeva. She's pictured here with her two kids at Genesis Fertility Centre. (Photo Credit: Victoria Chang, Ming Pao)
Darla Macey-Nicholson (L) is the first person in Canada to have conceived using Eeva. She’s pictured here with her two kids at Genesis Fertility Centre. (Photo Credit: Victoria Chang, Ming Pao).


Jan 2014: Ming Pao

We are a multicultural organization and we take great pride in that fact. We also highly value our multicultural, multilingual clients.

We were honoured to have Ming Pao and Fairchild Radio interview us at our Canadian launch of Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) on January 29, 2014. Fairchild Radio broadcasted the news the night of the launch in both Mandarin and Cantonese while Ming Pao’s Victoria Chang took an in-depth look at both Eeva and in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology as a whole. To view Ming Pao’s coverage, please click here.



Mar 2014: BC Living: New Fertility Technology Available in Vancouver

BC Living magazine’s Alison Brierley takes a look at the science behind Eeva and how it can help infertile couples conceive.

Embryologist Herman Rodriguez Showcases Eeva TechnologyFeb 2014:Vancity Buzz: Vancouver clinic first in Canada to offer next-generation fertility technology

Vancity Buzz, one of Vancouver’s most prominent blogs, takes a behind-the-scenes look at Genesis Fertility Centre and the city’s latest in innovative fertility technology, Eeva (Early Embryo Viability Assessment).


Eeva Test IVF Canada

Jan 2014:Globe and Mail: Time-lapse imaging of embryos gives B.C. couples new hope

The Globe and Mail’s Andrea Woo was at Genesis Fertility Centre to view Eeva’s first appearance in Canada. She was on hand to talk to Dr. Sonya Kashyap, medical director of Genesis Fertility Centre, embryologist Herman Rodriguez, as well as Darla Macey-Nicholson, the first woman in Canada to be pregnant using the Eeva test.


May 2013:Dr. Kashyap quoted in Vancouver Sun article: The science of making babies becomes commonplace

I do think it’s going to revolutionize female reproductive technology, says Dr. Sonya Kashyap

Click here to read the Vancouver Sun Article


May 2017: Watch “Know our options: Infertility Awareness Week”. Dr. Kashyap interviews with CBC.


May 2017: Dr. Sonya Kashyap speaks with CBC’s Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko about planning for motherhood with modern medicine and the necessity of thinking ahead.

Watch video here.


May 2016: Dr. Sonya Kashyap speaks with Global News to raise awareness around infertility. Watch her interview below.


May 2015: Dr. Kashyap sat down with CTV Morning Live to discuss common fertility myths and tips for people trying to conceive.

CTV Dr Sonya Kashyap interview










May 2015: Dr. Kashyap discusses the recent advancements made with mitochondrial DNA transfers both in Canada and abroad. Global BC1 – Infertility Awareness Week.


May 2015:Dr. Kashyap discusses male and female fertility with Fairchild TV.


Feb 2015:CBC News Francais


Jan 2015: CBC Vancouver News at 5. Dr. Kashyap discusses Canadian surrogacy laws.



May 2014: CTV Morning Live: Canadian Infertility Awareness Week 2014

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week is upon us and Dr. Sonya Kashyap was on CTV Morning Live this morning to talk about infertility, a medical condition that plagues one in six couples in Canada. Deana Burtnick and her daughter, McKinley, were also on air to talk about how the clinic made Deana and her husband’s dream come true. Click hereto find out what infertility means to Canadians and how advances in technology can help people conceive.

CTV Morning Live - May 26, 2014 - Canadian Infertility Awareness Week (From left to right: Keri Adams, Host of CTV Morning Live, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, Medical Director of Genesis Fertility Centre, Deana, Former Patient of Genesis & her daughter McKinley)
CTV Morning Live – May 26, 2014 – Canadian Infertility Awareness Week (From left to right: Keri Adams, Host of CTV Morning Live, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, Medical Director of Genesis Fertility Centre, Deana, Former Patient of Genesis & her daughter McKinley)



Jan 2014: Global News: Time-lapse technology improves fertility odds
Genesis Fertility Centre debuted Eeva (Early Embryo Viability Assessment) to Canada at yesterday’s media launch. Global News BC was on the scene to film the action.


Mar 2011: Global TV

In March, 2011,Global TV BC (channel 11 for those in the lower mainland) aired a series on fertility on their 6 o’clock news hour.

In Vitro Fertilization

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD

Freezing Eggs

Affordability of Fertility Treatments


May 11, 2017: Listen to Dr. Sonya Kashyap speak on 98.3 Roundhouse Radio (Evenings with Kirk LaPointe)

Listen Now


May 9, 2017: Listen to Dr. Sonya Kashyap speak about the Fertility Gender Gap on CBC Radio Canada The Early Edition with Rick Cluff! Skip ahead to 1:19:30 for Sonya’s Segment.

Listen Now


May 2016: Sometimes a second opinion can help. Dr. Kashyap and Nikki (who conceived through Genesis after being told she could not) speak to Roundhouse Radio about IVF for BC.


May 2016: Soundbite from Dr. Sonya’s Interview with Roundhouse Radio during Canadian Infertility Awareness Week.

May 2016: Dr Kashyap’s interview with Fairchild AM 1470 Radio.

May 2016: Dr Kashyap opens up the IVF conversation with Pulse 107.7 FM during Infertility Awareness Week.

May 2016: Dr. Sonya Kashyap invited to speak again on CKNW Radio about IVF.

Sep 2014: Dr. Sonya Kashyap had a chance to speak with CKNW’s Jon McComb this morning about the Eeva Test and its relevance to assisting those who are experiencing infertility.

Want to listen to the broadcast? Please click below.



Before we came to you, we were experiencing one of the most uncertain, scary and sad times of our life. You gave us hope, honesty, straightforward information, advice, support and the most precious gift of all  our twins. Our dreams have come true and we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to get us here!

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