Brooke’s Story

Where to begin, other than the beginning…

My partner and I knew we would not be able to conceive due to male factor. The city in Manitoba we were living in at the time did not have great options for fertility clinics. After lots of research and discussions, we chose Genesis Fertility Clinic because their website was an open book. Not only could you meet their staff, see their prices, read about procedures but they also listed all of their statistics for the past few years. They also appeared to be ahead of the game with technology. For us, it was a no brainer.

My family doctor sent off our consult, and I anxiously waited to hear back. Within a week we were contacted, which was the most exciting and scariest moment ever! Within 2 weeks of the consult we spoke to Dr. Kashyap over the phone, booked our flight to Vancouver and met her in person. We had the necessary tests done, and we had our game plan that day to do ICSI and PGD. They were very efficient in getting everything done the day we flew in so we would not have to unnecessarily fly back again.

The whole process start to finish was intense and emotional but the best decision I ever made. Dr. Kashyap and her staff made the process so much easier. They were always available to answer questions, if I left a message or sent an email, that same day I heard back. Not once did they seem rushed, they always took the time for me.

Unfortunately, I experienced 2 miscarriages. Although this was the most emotional and difficult time in my life, Dr. Kashyap and all nurses were incredibly empathetic and sympathetic. They walked me through everything. They were the best external form of support I could have asked for. They went above and beyond. They answered all of my questions, they were informative and knowledgeable and so kind.

When we found out in June 2016 that we were successful again in getting pregnant with our 3rd frozen embryo transfer, we were cautiously excited. I had amazing support once again from all Genesis staff, it was like having my own set of cheerleaders.

On March 09, 2017 I was blessed with the best gift of all, my son Hudson.

If we ever chose to do IVF again, without a doubt, Genesis would be our choice.