Genesis Fertility to Become First Canadian Clinic to join Premier United States IVF Network, Spring Fertility

Dear Genesis Fertility Centre friends, family, patients, and supporters,

When I took over Genesis in 2013, I did so because I wanted to raise the bar for fertility care in Canada. Through the immense trust that you’ve placed in our clinic, we’ve been able to achieve that goal and advance the field with many firsts and some of the best success rates in the country. At that time, part of my plan also included recruiting two of the smartest physicians and scientists I knew from the Bay Area – one of whom I helped train at University of California at San Francisco, and both of whom have become very dear friends. I believe they are some of the brightest minds in our field in addition to being wonderful people.

 Since then, those two physicians went on to open their own fertility center in San Francisco in 2015, Spring Fertility, and (of no surprise to me) have succeeded beyond their dreams, helping thousands of individuals and families achieve their reproductive goals. We’ve kept an open dialogue over the years about ways that we could work together, and I’m excited to share that we have finally completed a partnership.

I feel immensely fortunate to partner with the best and fastest growing fertility group in the US, and with whom I know we are aligned – both in our commitment to our patients and to advancing the field of reproductive medicine.

As a Spring Fertility Centre, Genesis will remain committed to delivering the best possible results for patients and I’ve already seen an immediate positive impact in leveraging some of their technological efficiencies in back office and administrative functions. In the longer term, the partnership will also enable Genesis to invest even further in unique technologies and processes in the IVF lab.

None of our success to date would have been possible without your support, and I’m greatly looking forward to this next chapter. Through this partnership, I know that we will succeed in accomplishing our shared goal: for Genesis to continue to deliver the best IVF and Egg Freezing outcomes and patient experience in Canada.


Dr. Sonya Kashyap

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