A message from Klaus E. Wiemer

Former Lab Director at Genesis Fertility Centre

In late 2016, I had to step down as Lab Director of Genesis Fertility Centre. It was with a very heavy heart that I had to do this as Poma Fertility, my practice in Seattle had grown to the size that it required my entire attention. Prior to my stepping down, we began a very long search to find the right individual that would carry on the principals of excellence we had instilled in the lab. We had worked very hard to establish a culture of excellence and constantly providing better patient care; the results of this work is that Genesis Fertility Centre has some of the highest pregnancy rates in Canada and continues to improve on its outcomes. I am thrilled to say that this tradition will carry on under the guidance of Mr. Jhon Troya. Jhon has years of experience managing a very successful and busy IVF lab. What I was most impressed with was Jhons hunger to always better himself and learn more so he can help patients succeed in their dreams of having children. Jhon has the attitude and directs the lab so that the lab is always trying to be better in outcomes and introduce technologies in a safe and responsible manner. I am sure that Jhon will thrive in his new environment and that Jhon will build on the tradition of excellence we have established.


Klaus E. Wiemer PhD

Before we came to you, we were experiencing one of the most uncertain, scary and sad times of our life. You gave us hope, honesty, straightforward information, advice, support and the most precious gift of all  our twins. Our dreams have come true and we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to get us here!

Genesis Patient