Out of Town Monitoring

We provide out of town monitoring services to patients undergoing treatment outside Vancouver as available.

We are happy to assist with the monitoring of cycles at other clinics located outside of Vancouver because we realise this will help reduce the cost, time commitment and stress associated with the treatment cycle.

Same day ultrasound and blood test results (before 2 pm) are provided to the treating doctor.

Because every clinic uses slightly different treatment protocols, we ask your other clinic provide us with clear instructions. This includes information about the timing and nature of the monitoring you will require and how to send the results to the other clinic. As a satellite service, patients interact with their treating clinic directly who send requisitions to Genesis Fertility Centre. Medical decisions and responsibilities are maintained by the treating centre.

International Patients

At Genesis, we believe all those seeking to begin or grow their families should have the opportunity to do so. We are happy to assist patients from other countries. Please call us at 604-879-3032 or email genesis@genesis-fertility.com for more information.

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We are so thankful to Dr. Kashyap and her amazing staff for her help in conceiving our two beautiful girls (through IVF and FET). The staff were very professional, caring and attentive to all of our needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kashyap. She always takes the time to answer questions and leave you feeling comfortable. Thank you again!