Shawna’s Story

Shawna was 30 when she first visited Genesis.  She and her husband had been actively trying for a couple of years but prior to that had not used any method of birth control for the three years before. They were surprised to hear that the absence of conception for that long signified a problem.

Shawna was suspected of having endometriosis in her first consultation with Dr. Kashyap and concerns with her husband’s sperm quality as well which compounded the challenge of conceiving.

Their journey took longer than either they or Dr. Kashyap expected, given the age at which she presented, however, both egg and embryo number and quality were a challenge for the couple. “Our journey to our boys was difficult, sad and painful. When Dr. Kashyap first told me she suspected endometriosis, I felt relief as we finally had some answers. Her suspicion was later confirmed by surgery. She gave us hope when I felt hopeless and she continued to give me hope after each setback”, says Shawna.

After three IVF attempts and consecutive protocol changes to adapt to their specific challenges, Shawna and her husband conceived and delivered happy and healthy twin boys. “The boys are the absolute best things in our lives and we feel so grateful to Dr. Kashyap helping me get pregnant.”