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What questions do you have about ferility health, fertility treatments, and more

Over the past number of months for Wellness Wednesday, we have presented a wide range of topics to our readers. Now, we would love to hear from you! What have you liked; not liked? What would you like to learn more about?

Here at Genesis, we have a wide-range of knowledge, expertise and experience to draw upon for Wellness Wednesday topics. Our scientific team learns about the latest developments in reproductive technologies such as genetic testing, egg freezing and advanced treatments for infertility. Within the Genesis team and our associates, current information is available regarding nutrition, dietary supplements and exercise.

Beyond science and the human body, infertility also touches the psychological, sexual and spiritual dimensions of the human experience. Maintaining balance can be assisted through learning about activities such as yoga and pilates. In addition, the Genesis team can provide information to support psychological coping with the stress of infertility.

Please do take the time to let us know your thoughts and ideas; they would be so appreciated. Once we hear from our readers, the Genesis team will be hard at work presenting Wellness Wednesday topics that are of interest and benefit to you!