Wellness Wednesday: The Goodness of Mineral Make-Up

By: Carla Bondoc

makeup, toxins and fertility health
Mineral Make-Up (Photo Credit: Carla Bondoc, Prettier in Green)

Its no secret that the body absorbs chemicals through the skin, so whether you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, choosing healthier skin care products is key. Mineral make-up, with its cleaner, non-toxic ingredients, is one option.

The history of mineral make-up dates back in time where many ancient cultures used ground up natural minerals as means of applying color to the skin, camouflaging and using it as war paints. Today, the talk about mineral make-up is everywhere. Many more people are switching to using mineral make-up as the interest in safe, natural and organic products is increasing.

When choosing a mineral make-up product, it is important to know what is NOT in the ingredients list. Good, cleaner mineral make-up will not have chemical preservatives, mineral oils, chemical dyes or fragrances. For example, loose mineral make-up forms a protective barrier that allows the skin to breath. It should feel light and look more natural on the skin. It should not irritate the skin and instead heal it, which makes it suitable for individuals who have rosacea or acne as well as those who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation. The minerals also provide sun protection without irritating chemicals.

The human skin has a remarkable ability to absorb applied products, partially or completely, into the bloodstream. Therefore, we should be aware of the products we are applying on our skin on a daily basis as this can accumulate through time and ultimately affect overall health, including fertility and the health of our babies.

Keep in mind the world itself is unique as we are as humans and individuals. In a perfect world, everyone would be striving to be natural and chemical-free. However, this is not reality. Always remember to be kind to yourself and try to be aware of the ingredients that are in your make-up and skin care products.