Huffington Post: Egg Freezing Deserves Serious Consideration

Fertility health has been a popular topic recently as Apple and Facebook recently announced that they would be funding egg freezing for their female employees. This announcement was met with mixed reviews – some saw this as the tech companies’ way of giving women more choice around career and starting a family; others saw this as a misguided attempt to recruit and retain female employees.

In order to further understand the contentious fertility preservation method, our medical director Dr. Sonya Kashyap has penned an article on Huffington Post with facts and figures on egg freezing and how the medical procedure applies to Canadians.

Huffington Post: Egg Freezing Deserves Serious Consideration

Huffington Post Canada: Would You Donate Your Eggs to a Couple Who Couldn’t Conceive?

Our medical director, Dr. Sonya Kashyap, had a chance to respond to Randi D’s “I Donated My Eggs So I Could Travel the World” blog post as published on Huffington Post. In her article, she delves into the following:

  • Why egg donation?
  • Could you expect your experience with egg donation to be the same as Randi’s?
  • The difference between egg donations in Canada and the U.S. and which system is better

To read her blog in full, please click here or on the image below.


 (Photo Credit: Panayiotis Filippou via photopin cc)

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