A Letter of Gratitude

Dear Genesis Fertility Centre friends, family, patients, and supporters,

We are honored to be selected in the best fertility clinic category for both the Vancouver Courier’s Stars of Vancouver Awards and the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver Awards this year.   

We enjoy providing a boutique approach for our patients, while having some of the best IVF success rates in North America. We accomplish this by tailoring individual approaches specific to each patient’s history.  We take every outcome to heart and enjoy getting to know each and every one of you. 

After a fellowship at Cornell University’s Medical College Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Manhattan with Dr. Zev Rosenwaks; a faculty position at the University of Ottawa as a clinician scientist with grants and career awards from Canadian Institutes of Health Research to focus on outcomes after IVF and fertility preservation; and a faculty position at the University of California at San Francisco (one of the top 3 medical schools in the US)—I returned home to Vancouver in 2010 with the hope of applying what I had learned to improve care and success rates here. In 2013, I became the medical director of Genesis Fertility Centre. 

Since then, we had the first EEVA baby in North America, as well as, the first babies from vitrification, PGT-A, and egg freezing in Vancouver. We also were the first to complete independent verification of results. Today, we not only help cure infertility but can also identify embryos that carry a hereditary lethal or morbid condition and avoid the suffering of future generations, through programs such as preimplantation genetic diagnoses (PGD). We can also improve the reproductive efficiency of IVF through techniques such as preimplantation genetic screening, also known as preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A). We can now also help individuals and couples plan when they might start their families through fertility preservation.

We believe that reproductive freedom is essential for equality at home and at work. We will do our best to ensure that you are advocated for and have the best chances. Creating the team and program that we wanted for each patient has been a labor of love—of which we are extremely proud

All of us at Genesis Fertility Centre take pride in creating families with both heart and science. Thank you for trusting us with your journey and your family.

In good health,
Dr. Sonya Kashyap